Welcome to a journey through the colorful countrysides and marvelous mountains.

An adventure across the driest deserts and surreal slums.

The voyage between janglin jungles and sneaky swells.

Join us as we venture on an exploration into the unknown.

As we attempt to share the lovely art form of wave riding through all 28 states.

While we experience the vibrant culture and interact with a train full of the 1.2 billion individuals that this amazing country boasts.

Lending a hand wherever we can with non profits and organisations moving forward in spreading the stoke that is living life.

Join us, as we go… SURFING 28 STATES : INDIA


One response

  1. LisaT

    Hey Stef and Jonno
    This is so awesome. I close my eyes for one second and you guys are off on the next adventure. Matt and I would really like to donate a little moola to get you off and running. How to?
    Bon voyage and travel safe x

    September 12, 2010 at 11:34 PM

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