After a trillion pre-production emails the Surfing 28 States crew has finally met in Delhi and hit it off like a kangaroo in a tent.

Over the next 3 months we will be slaving away working around the clock to create something amazing, bringing you stories and photos of adventures and sharing our insights into this incredible country known as India.

On the left you meet Jonno. Don’t let his childish antics fool you. He is wiser than a golden Buddha and a bargain hunter if I ever met one. You may recognise him from such films as Surfing 50 States and Zoolander (where he played Hansel.)

Next along is the Producer Smriti. Like her yoga isn’t impressive enough she speaks Spanish, English, Hindi AND American. Born in Varanassi, grew up in Puerto Rico, now resides in New York, and has roamed the world with a constant smile, definitely an awesome addition to the trip.

Campbell “Cambo” Brown has come onboard as the director of photography, unaware that every moment he brings out the camera 47 Indian men magically appear in a 1 metre radius. Despite his somewhat ‘raw’ nature he was complimented today by a young man on his handsomeness. Psyched to have his magical fingers behind the lens though.

I guess that leaves myself, Stefan. All I can really say is Im frothing to be working with such talented individuals over the next few months. After one day of shooting we’re extremely knackered and smelly but all so content to sit around and laugh about the experiences thus far.

Namaste Dudes & Dudettes.



One response

  1. Hi guys,
    fantastic to see you all in magical India! Happy adventures and safe travels!

    October 2, 2010 at 10:44 PM

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