In the mist of a crowded corner, I watched the snake charmer and Jonno/Stefan closely, simply wondering what both parties are capable of.

“Will Jonno volunteer to start playing the flute to charm this snake?”
“Will the snake hiss and bite him?”
“Will Stefan lead this crowd into a break dance?”

You see, I met Jonno about a month ago, and it’s only been two days of knowing Stefan and Campbell. If there’s anything I’ve learned in these couple days, is that these guys won’t be afraid to put themselves in the most epic situations. How they’ll prevail to surf all 28 states of India? Well, we’ve got 88 more days to find out.

Stay tuned for our next adventure: the journey of finding the most consistent (hopefully reliable) character of our film, our wonderful Ambassador.

Smriti (pronounced Smreee tea)


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