Not out of the trip, Survivor styles, but on two other fronts.
Firstly, I got outvoted, that I have to grow a beard for the entire trip.

Secondly, WE HAVE A VEHICLE! It’s an Ambassador, a very old sedan that was used by the English when they ruled India and has become a staple of Indian cars. The Police drive them, Air Force drive them, and dignitary’s get driven around in them, and now we are going to be driven around in one. It’s white, in ok condition, runs ok and is about to be painted the brightest of Indian colours you have ever seen!

We have a driver for the first 3 weeks and we are going to see if we can drive it from then on – driving here is crazy!

The problem is – we have 4 people, plus the driver, with some special surprise guests along the way, and we have a lot of luggage and 3 surfboards, so we are going to be cramped! Boards will go on the roof, but every time we stop and leave the car, we will have to take them off the roof and squeeze them in the car somehow…EVERY TIME. Plus everyone’s stuff is going to end up everywhere…EVERYWHERE.

But…in the words of Stefan, “Who cares, as long as it looks cool”.

I got voted out…but I have to admit, it looks really cool!

Pa (Jonno)


One response

  1. Good luck with the project!!! We’ll follow you from Spain.

    October 6, 2010 at 2:09 PM

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