The sweat & gunk floating atop the roadside public bath provoked some hesitation, but the 20 onlookers made up of truckies and soldiers provided me with the confidence to launch my skeleton figure into the metre deep concrete wash.

The refreshing hit of cool water was only enjoyed momentarily, and the harsh reality of this “hygienic” bath was forced upon me as I stood on the slipperiest floor of grime, forcing me to slide backwards uncontrollably.

Despite capturing the adventures on film I began to wonder whether my attempt to experience India would result in fungal infections or chronic vomiting later that evening.

I guess that is the gamble that Jonno and I are willing to take over our 3 months in India. Sacrificing sensibility and embracing whatever is thrown our way.

Whilst I feel very youthful and adventurous writing “ignorance is bliss” I have learnt the hard way that sometimes “ignorance is bliss… that turns to rabies”.




One response

  1. solman

    off to a great start! keep the good love coming. i can’t wait to see all the amazing stories that come out of this adventure. best of luck and take care of each other.


    p.s. the first cassette tape i was ever given was janet jackson’s “janet.” (i’ll never understand what my mother was thinking with that gift). but if i can dig that baby out it’ll be on its way to india.

    October 16, 2010 at 3:02 AM

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