The hospitality of India shined through yesterday, as the mail guy showed us kindness by offering us a free ride back from the shady junk market to our temporary home in Delhi. I guess he figured the least he could do was offer us a sauna ride back after making us pay an ungodly amount to receive our own GoPro’s.

We were sweaty, Stefan’s neck hair was sweating, Jonno’s beard was sweating, Campbell was comfortably in the front seat because he needs to “capture the experience”. As the sun scorched down on us, I was dreaming about the cold shower I would encounter if we ever unraveled this maze that is Delhi. I thought about how the great man Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, how water baths are to the body what music is to the soul. At this heat rate, we’re averaging a few washes a day but need your help with soul showers.

You see the Ambassador has brought us back to Delhi since it needs some mechanical love: Brakes, Steering Wheel, Gear, Oil Change, Tape Player, AC. To any logical being, that may already be in order of priority but I would beg to argue that the tape player could move up a few notch. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the tunes coming out of Narayaan’s phone but we’re pretty keen to receive some musical diversity and mixtapes from our friends back home.

Tape players may be extinct but we’re looking at you for a great compilation to carry us through the endless km we’re averaging a day. We’ll take anything you’ve got, so dig through your attic/basement and I assure you we’ll find deep refuge in Johnny Cash, Bhangra Hits and even your old Spice Girls tapes from the 90s (I know we all own this).

Email us at surfing28india@gmail.com and we’ll send you the address. Thank you, Thank you!!

DJ Dimitri

Ps. It’s Pa Pa Jonno’s birthday today!


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