Durga Puja is a festival I knew little about and still know little about. With the streets being lit brightly and drumming sounds coming from all corners of the city we were amped to get amongst India’s biggest Hindu festival.

Originally we went to a Ramleela play at the Red Fort. Slightly confused as the celebration seemed pretty tame and was not the crowded madness we had readied ourselves for. Partly disappointed we ended up sneaking out early to have a look around city and then head home. On our way we heard a thumping raw beat with distorted baby cries coming from a colourfully lit alley. Like zombies we were drawn to the beat. In the next few minutes everything happened super fast. With bright flashes of colour, screams, smoke and dancing we found ourselves caught in the madness. Standing at the back of a crowed we were instantly dragged to the front, had Tikka put on and pulled up to dance as the crowd went nuts. Caught in this hypnotic state we let loose with the locals as the energy peaked. Finally we had found our wild place in this Hindu festival that had started out so tame.

Just as quickly we are walking down the street with the crowd following, feeling like we had learnt something but knowing we still knew nothing. What ever it was, we had an intense taste of India culture and loved every moment of it.

Thank you India.

Handsome Brown.



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