Leaving our luggage behind in the state Haryana we set off by foot, walking along the side of a dusty Indian highway. With only a daypack and surfboard under my arm I stood with Jonno, thumbs out, trying our luck at hitchhiking to the next state of Punjab only 3km’s away. Trucks zoomed past whilst our spirits began to deflate in the midday sun. You see, we had no plan. The Ambassador was still 7 hours away back in Delhi at the mechanic, we were running behind schedule and worst of all we had nowhere to go.

2 rickshaw rides later we find ourselves in Punjab at a Quarry where the local tradies pick up sand, gravel and other supplies. The biggest pile of sand is about 10metres tall and has Surfing Punjab written all over it. With his smooth words and charming goldilocks Jonno convinces the manager for permission and word spreads quickly around the quarry. The confused employees follow us like zombies, gathering around Campbell & Smriti at base camp.

Jonno drops in steep and fast, flying straight down the face to the bottom where the board suddenly stops but he continues, tripping over and rolling into the crowd of Indian dudes who laugh at the opening scene of the kook show.

Over the next 30 minutes we attempt to shred the mountain of sand but leave with numerous cuts & bruises, enough to ensure no crowd participation takes place.

It’s a funny feeling that is becoming all the more common here in India. A day can start off so rough, nothing working in your favour, enough to make you want to throw in the towel. Then comes the magic, the stars align and you’re so deep in the knarliest Indian experience you completely forget how badly the day began.

As much stress and frustration you sometimes deal with here in India I can assure it makes the good times that much sweeter.

4 states down. 24 to go.




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