So a couple of days ago it was my 23rd birthday, knowing that I would have it in India I had no idea how it was going to pan out.

Luckily timing was perfect as we were at Fun City, Northern India’s self proclaimed greatest/most bogey theme park! Feeling like Richy Rich we got to run a muck the whole day free of charge!

Starting out on the wave pool things weren’t as wild as the brochure had hinted. But after roaming around the park we stumbled upon the big red slide with the copyright infringed Spider Man perched on top. After watching the guys surf down it the first time it was obvious that this slide was the chronic! For the next 4 hours we were shredding the slide like Kelly! We were either grabbing the rail for the tubes or just charging along the endless walls to make the next section. It didn’t go without our fair share of beatings and hold downs.

Luckily the supervisor was very accommodating for our injuries. It was working in an exponential system, the worse the injury the better the offer. For example a simple slice to the elbow results in being lured to a store room and forced to drink whisky. But for a split on the head (from Pa’s ankle) you get Hashish, not in a shady room but out in the sun for all to see. With the second offer being too generous I had to decline.

All in all it was definitely a birthday to remember, in-between bombing down the slide, having nips of whiskey and dodging Smriti’s out of control kamikaze runs that big red slide will have a special place in my hip, elbow and head forever.

3 states down, 25 to go.



PS. Check out some of the Waterslide surfing action by clicking HERE


One response

  1. Happy birthday Kambo! Did the camera survive the waterslide? Looked a tricky shoot.

    October 21, 2010 at 11:17 AM

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