With less than two months and 23 more states to go, the last thing we needed was Snowmageddon 2010…

We were stranded in the northern Himachal Pradesh town of Keylong with locals and other travellers from all around India. Initially like us, everyone was wondering when they would be back on their pursuit of working, traveling and continuing their planned journey.  When will the roads clear up?…when will we get out?… when will we get electricity, water, internet?

One of the locals nonchalantly informed us that just last year they were immobile in this Tsnowmani for a month. He ends it with…

“Well, What can you do? This is the blessing you were given so just take it.”

With our deadlines and goals glooming on we defeatedly accepted that this bump was beyond our control. The reality of our landscape eased us all into appreciating the serenity that we were surrounded by. We were tucked away in a small village north of India that I didn’t even know existed but will always have a defining place in my memory bank. The snow capped mountains seemed different throughout the day as they changed personalities from the morning sun to the bright moonlight sky. The humble homes were built throughout these intertwining upward roads, all whirling above with Buddhist prayer flags. The beautiful Nepalese people had no hesitations on letting us capture them. Locals without any stares or glares, we were greeted with smiles from the village women. No one was trying to gain anything from you and everyone seemed to look after one another. There wasn’t one above another – we were all stranded in this haven together.

It’s as if this shared snowcalypse allowed us to experience the closest thing to local comarederie in a mere few days.

We were the farthest away from familiar comforts but knew this was a blessing and break all four of us needed in mist of our kms, train hopping, hard drives, and p2 cards.

When life gives you a four day break, we learned to enjoy the serenity because before we knew it, we were back in the world of multitasking between hanging outside the Ambassador’s window operating a makeshift light grip while holding on to handsome Campbell as he gets the perfect shot of Jonno and Stefan surfing yet another state on the roof.



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