Trains in India are the way to travel!

They are fast, cheap and convenient!

We took the 2nd Class AC Sleeper overnight train from Delhi to Allahabad where we were already a day late to meet our first very special guest of the trip – Professional skiier, TV personality, Philanthropist and all round great person Lynsey Dyer.

The train station was confusing, hot, sweaty, jam-packed with people..and stare-fest 2010. Everybody was consistently eye-balling us and our surfboard.

The train arrived on time and we found our bunks and settled in for the night, then found out the train was delayed 3 hours and we wouldn’t be leaving the station until 3am!

We were tired, so it was easy to fall into a deep, long sleep, not to be awoken until the morning by the smell of chai. Well more, by the chai seller yelling, “CHAI, CHAI, CHAI”.

Then the procession started…

All sorts of sellers of food, drink and trinkets patrol the aisles at all hours selling the most reasonably priced and welcomed egg-sandwiches (75 cents), tomato soup (with croutons – 50 cents), bottles of cold  Limca (65 cents), and full lunch (dahl, roti and water bottle – $1.20!!!).

By the time we arrived in Allahabad we were 6 hours delayed, but we didn’t care, it was still 2 times quicker than driving Lassi, our Ambassador, and 20 x more comfortable.

The only thing we felt bad about is that our driver Narayan had to drive the car to Allahabad for us as his last stint of driving. But we gave him a massive tip and rewarded him with a  2nd Class AC Sleeper overnight train ticket from Allahabad to Delhi.

Thanks Narayan! We’ll drive from here on in…

Pa (Jonno)


One response

  1. jana q

    no one should leave india without riding the train. chai man at 6:45 am is the best. and all the stowaways that hop on board between stops.

    November 18, 2010 at 11:50 PM

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