With our packs on our back, we were ready for an educational session with our friends at Going To School. We were surprised to find there weren’t any classrooms and instead were greeted by these talented and charming ladies dedicating their time to spread the importance of education.

They are deeply motivated to tell stories of young people throughout India who overcome feat by individual acts. We were mostly inspired by their current project “Be An Entrepreneur” that’s a wonderful mix of creative and artistic appealing forms of illustrated and captivating books, radio shows and mini documentaries that aim to tell everyday stories that bring to light solutions accomplished by local kids throughout villages and slums in India.

While we were stranded in Himachal Pradesh, we had no electricity for a few days and it was clear how much harder it was for local shops and homes to progress with a simple candlelight. As we were driving from HP passing through the various communities, it was disheartening to see the apparent challenges of poverty, contamination and literacy. It really makes me feel useless realizing how big the problem is and thinking that as one individual, you can’t really make an impact or a difference.

One of the stories that GTS was working on was of a boy from HP who realized the ongoing lack of consistent electricity in his village and found a solution of hydro electric energy through a local mill. He took it upon himself to do a simple task that at the end helped his whole community. It is stories like these told through visually appealing forms that hopefully continue to inspire and motivate young people throughout India.



One response

  1. Pooja

    Love the imagery. How are you holding up Kesh! The band sends their love and support. Send us a postcard! 🙂

    PS. I thought of your crew when the recent news of that famous surfer passing away came out. It was beautiful to see the surfing community come together to celebrate his life.

    miss you.

    November 4, 2010 at 1:22 PM

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