We got sick.

Lysney started feeling really ick.

Then Stefan vomited at 3am

He’s bedridden for the day again

That arvo I get tired and start achin’

Maybe from the antibotics I’m takin’

See I got a nasty spider bite

It turned purple, orange and bright


We get up at 4am next day

Trying not to waste another day

Stefan and I sleep almost 24 hours

While Cambo uses his driving powers

Lynsey calls to say she is better

Our stomachs still haven’t got settler

Off to the doctors we go

Gives us some drugs yo


Now I can walk proper again

and Stefan can’t complain

We both have energy now

Stef’s trying to avoid a cow

Coz it’s his first drive in India

And first manual adventure

We thought we’d get this in Delhi

This is the rap about Varanasi Belly


Pa Diddy



One response

  1. You guys really should not have opened your mouths while swimming in the Ganges!

    November 11, 2010 at 12:37 PM

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