India delivers when you least expect it and just makes you laugh…

We were a day late meeting World Famous Park Ranger Sean Willmore…he actually is world famous…he has won the International Ranger Of The Year Award which is only given out every few years. He has been on the 7.30 Report on ABC 3 times and featured on ‘Australian Story’. He also made a film called ‘The Thin Green Line’ documenting his travels around the world interviewing park rangers who put their lives on the line to  protect wildlife and environments.

Anyway, we only had half a day to drive into the state of Meghalaya, surf, show a bit of the culture and get back to Guwhati to meet Sean, who had business to attend to there.

We got ripped off on the old rickity jeep we hired to drive us 1 hour into Meghalaya, tossing up ideas of how to surf all along the way. We drove over the border and saw a market bustling into life and started to explore. In amongst the vibrant fruit, raw meat, stinky dried fish and overwhelming spices we spied our saviour…

5 mins later I was running through the tiny lanes between market stalls holding onto a oversized wooden shopping cart. Stef was perched above it on the surfboard with both of us screaming our heads off with laughter. Locals were leaping out of our path at the last second followed by a crowd of kids laughing.

Market Surfing Meghalaya! 14 down, 14 to go!

Jonno “Wolfman” Durrant


One response

  1. john pfeil

    HA! I’m already way beyond excited for this movie/TV show (I guess i don’t know what form it will take) to come out.

    November 17, 2010 at 8:22 PM

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