Aranachal Pradesh is a beautiful mountain state that is a beautiful pain in the bum to get a permit to enter. We tried in Kolkata, we tried in Guwhati, and we tried at the border. No good. Kolkata was closed for 2 days, Guwhati was going to take 5 days and the border said we couldn’t get the permit there.

Luckily there was a river that runs along the border..so we went rafting surfing! Just to make sure we weren’t going to get in trouble, we dressed as river ninjas.

Imagine floating down a crisp but not cold crystal clear river with class 0.83 rapids at most, sun out, surrounded by jungle leading to cobblestones and grey sand…magic! We laid the surfboard on the bow of the raft and got the toes over floating down this picturesque river through Assam and Aranachal Pradesh.



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