With 2 months complete and only 1 month remaining I find myself already reminiscing about the highs & lows of Surfing 28 States. Whilst the endless culture shocks and ridiculous surfing will always bring a smile to my face, I know that the organisations we have teamed up with will have a lasting impact on my life.

From the energetic grommets of Asha Mission orphanage, to discovering the way Going to School uses art & film to motivate Indian children to bring about social change. Sharing the 88 Bikes ‘moment of happiness’ as we presented 34 former child slaves with their own bicycle to teaming up with the Thin Green Line and meeting the heroic rangers of Kaziranga National Park who put their lives on the frontline to preserve endangered wildlife, the journey has been that much richer thanks to these non profits.

The hardest part of highlighting the great work that is happening in India is our time restriction that forces us to spend only a few days with each, knowing that they all need support both voluntarily and financially.

Surfing 28 States has created a way that you can benefit all 7 organisations and discover them for yourself. By visiting our Donations page you can read about their work in India and even contribute to the causes through our pay pal account. 100% of your donations will be evenly distributed to the non profits, supporting the amazing change that is taking place.

As a token of appreciation, Surfing 28 States will provide you with a Certificate of Change, thanking you for playing a role in spreading happiness and making an impact in many lives.



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  1. It’s just amazing to see how much you give of yourselves you to others. It will be with you all forever. Congratulations, and all the best for the last weeks of the trip.

    November 28, 2010 at 8:29 PM

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