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5 days since wrapping production on Surfing 28 States and an uncontrollable smile creeps its way onto my face as memories fly through my head.

I remember quoting Mr.Springsteen before I even set foot in India, prophesying that

Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny.

Well, the laughs have begun.

From being bed ridden for days to nights spent in jail and our vehicle sliding out on icy himalayan roads with cliff faces just over the edge, it’s all part of the beautiful memory that is Surfing 28 States.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.

This trip was the most stressful, challenging and ridiculous adventure of my life. I look forward to sharing it with you all.



When we move around so fast and so much, bits of us flake off and stay everywhere we stop.  We are so many people in so many places at once, all of them blending into each other and all of them blurring into a wonderful nostalgia.

Surfing 28 States: India was a remarkable journey that had us constantly on the road, swallowing down new experiences and new people. I can’t wait to share the stories with all of you in hi-def with limited commercials!

Rock N Roll-


*From stranger to life saver to amazing friend, Surfing 28 States wants to express the upmost shakas & thanks towards Smriti. Her determined attitude to make this production the highest possible quality pushed the rest of the crew to deliver, and it was not uncommon to discuss how much harder the trip would have been without Smithers. Onya Legend! Bring on post production!


When we started nearing the end of the trip we were throwing ideas
around on what we would say when our friends back home would ask the
inevitable question "How was your trip?"
I'm pretty sure we all came to the same conclusion that this trip,
challenge, people, company, culture and country were all
I am certain I would never be able to top a trip like this, with every
day being a roller coaster of highs and lows, sometimes nightmare,
often surreal and always amazing.

Although we have spent 3 months heavily travelling I still don't think
any of us have or ever will 'get' this country. Everyday and including
the last you would see things that would shock, surprise or just make
no sense at all! But I guess that's just the charm of India.

But talking to a new Indian friend at KL airport he tells his friends
and family that, after talking to me, he feels I am half Indian. 
I'm not sure if its the lack of a shower or my shoddy Hindi but I am 
pretty stoked to hear this.

I guess I may not 'get' the country, but the country got me... epic!
Campbell "Handsome" Brown.

*Surfing 28 States would like to thank Cam for his dedication, passion 
and humour over the last 3 months. The trip would not have been the 
same without Handsome and we have upmost faith in his ability to capture 
the magic of India on camera.
We feel honoured to work with you Handsome. CHAIII. 




I cried today…on camera…without acting…I don’t know where it came from.

We were filming wrap up video diaries on a roof in Mumbai and I was asked how it was travelling with Stefan…I started crying as I mumbled, “I love Stefan”. In between sobs I managed to blurt out a few coherent sentences about how proud I am of all that we’ve achieved over the last 4 years and how this trip has been the pinnacle!

Surfing 28 States: India has been the toughest and stupidest journey I have ever experienced. But Steebones, Handsome, Smithers and I have managed to laugh our way through all of it.

I can’t say I have loved every second of it, but I can say India has blown my mind every day, and I can’t believe it’s complete – Stoked!!

I’ll leave you with a quote from someone I can now say is a good friend of mine – “When it’s finished, it’s over…” – Smriti Keshari.

Thanks for following Surfing 28 States: India – Watch This Space – TV series coming soon…



Surfing 28 States meets India.

India falls in love with Surfing 28 States mission.

Surfing 28 States plays hard to get.

India throws them obstacles.

Surfing 28 States overcomes the challenges.

Surfing 28 States & India dance happily ever after in a beautiful empty field with backup dancers.



Sometimes things just work. No high production involved, relying on a formula to produce magic content for a TV series. Just straight up luck, spontaneity and swell times.

With only 1 day to tick off Gujarat we found ourself roaming dirt roads in search of the coast. Driving in the midday sun we passed a bunch of grommets doubling on bicycles and holding bats, stumps and a tennis ball, everything required for a good ol’ game of cricket. They pointed ahead insisting that we follow them to the local oval for an Australia VS India clash. As we approached in our brightly coloured Ambassador about 60 kids swamped us firing questions like “Which country you coming from?” and “You play cricket?”. 15 minutes later Jonno and I had been bowled out and sent to the pavilion, needless to say the bowler was only 12 years old.

In true 28 states style we thought we’d share with these cricket enthusiasts what we did in our past time. Despite the tide dropping rapidly, the sand sinking and a audience of 60 to dodge we surfed along the shallow shoreline towed behind Lassi howling down the beach. With only a few days left alongside our beloved Lassi the Ambassador this afternoon shred session will be remembered for years to come.

Nostalgia beginning to set in among the camp.

The journey is nearly over…


If you’re yearning for the good old days, just turn off the air conditioning.

Griff Niblack