We had been in India for 2 months and been to 19 states and not seen the beach or actually surfed on real waves yet!

That was about to change!

We left Kolkata at 4am with the full car and fuller roofracks. The S28S crew has been joined by legendary photographer Joel from Saltmotion and my lovely girlfriend Sam. Both will be with us for the next 10 days.

By lunchtime we had pulled up to our first coastal sighting. Lonely Planet said Chandipur beach can have a 5km low tide. Luckily we hit it at high tide and although the waves were almost non-existant we were stoked to run into the ocean for a dip in our undies.

After a quick oil fix of the Lassador leaking oil, we drove until 10pm to get to Puri and collapsed into our hotel rooms near the beach there.

I woke the crew up at 5.30am and we looked from the balcony in the direction of the blackness that was the ocean, we couldn’t see a thing, be we didn’t care, we were going surfing! We put in our fins and waxed up our boards for the first time and ran down the beach (pausing for a few obligatory shots for Handsome), and then we saw it…

Perfectly groomed swell lines marching in being greeted by light offshore winds with 3 foot sets and not a soul out there!

As we had prophesied for the last 2 months, “Everything will be all good once we hit the coast.”

Prophet Pa


One response

  1. Namaste from SurfingYogis at Puri.
    I know i missed you guys when in puri coz I was hiking at Ladakh.nice pictures.
    join us for secret beaches of cosmic bay of bengal sometimes.

    August 22, 2011 at 1:47 PM

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