by special guest photographer Joel Coleman

When I heard about the opportunity to do a road trip in India to look for waves along the countries east coast I could not say yes quick enough. As a surf photographer and surfer the idea of finding new, uncrowded waves in far off locations is the dream that defies the surfing lifestyle.

Arriving in India I quickly realised that this was not to be any ordinary trip down the coast with a few mates in a beat up car, overloaded with boards and camera gear. India makes you work at her pace, and her pace was about 50km/hr at best!

With six of us packed into the “lassador” for the journey south, and no real idea as to where to find waves, we followed our noses, dodged the cows on the roads and shared a lot of laughs along the way.

Eventually we hit the coast – excitement was at fever pitch when we ran over the dunes the first time. Unfortunately we were greeted with a massive expanse of ocean with not a wave over three inches!

We pushed further south, listened to each other’s stories and ate too many packets of cookies! We drove, and drove and drove…

Then it happened. We arrived in a spot called Puri late one evening, filthy and exhausted. An early morning surf check the next day delivered what we had been looking for. Waves, no crowds and warm water. We surfed all day.

That evening with fresh fish being cooked by a fire on the beach we had some time to reflect on the day we had just had. It felt like we were back in the 1950’s when surfers drove the coast of Australia, found amazing waves and shared tales around the campfire at night. We refer to it now days as ‘living the dream’

Pushing further south over the next few days we did not find any more epic waves, the weather pattern had shifted to a windy onshore system and although we saw places with plenty of potential for good surf we were not blessed with any quality breaks.

As the journey continued I started to realise though, that whether we found waves or not did not matter. What was important was the journey itself. The people that were sharing the adventure and the people that we met along the way. The stories told, frustrations overcome and laughs shared.

So if you are looking for consistent perfect waves for your next trip with parties all night then book somewhere else. However, if you are after a real adventure, don’t mind getting a little dirt under your nails and want to experience something completely new, consider India – then just let it happen!…

Joel Coleman.

*Surfing 28 States would like to thank Joel for joining us on this journey down the east coast. We’re stoked that the memories made were captured thru his lenses for all to see. Continue to follow his work at Saltmotion. Catch you soon Joely for some CHAIIIIII.


One response

  1. What you are learning and experiencing is what too few of us ever know in our short lives here on Earth. . .and that is simply to live and totally enjoy life as it happens. Your is a good lesson and gift to all of us!
    Laurie deG.

    December 5, 2010 at 8:13 PM

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