Howling winds, pouring rain and choppy seas completely sabotaged our grand plans to have Jon Rose shred off his head during his visit to India. Although we squeezed in a few sessions with some local Mamallapurum rippers the real highlight was what we managed to achieve in kicking off Waves for Water. Only a few days after meeting Isaac (read previous blog) we decided to drop by his orphanage and pay the legend a visit. With such heavy downpour the kids scored a day off school so we were greeted by some cute little munchkins full of smiles.

Isaac began to explain how over the few days that we were off searching for surf he’d been contacting local organisations and friends to assist in spreading clean drinking water to local needy communities. He insisted we drive to meet his buddy Mr.Reddy who heads up a local organisation that cares for abused and abandon children.

As we spoke about the future plans for Waves for Water: India it wasn’t hard to notice the common passion these men shared to help their local community. What was even more astounding was learning the demand for clean water that existed within the local area where over 2 million reside. Isaac and Mr.Reddy shared their inspiring plan of attack as we sipped hot chai then farewelled our new partners for a sunnier day.

Over the coming months we will keep you posted on any new developments with Waves for Water: India.

The future here is exciting and I feel so privileged to be a part of it.


*For more updates on the work in India and around the world log onto Waves for Water.

By donating to our paypal you will be supporting amazing organisations all over India including Waves for Water.



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