When we move around so fast and so much, bits of us flake off and stay everywhere we stop.  We are so many people in so many places at once, all of them blending into each other and all of them blurring into a wonderful nostalgia.

Surfing 28 States: India was a remarkable journey that had us constantly on the road, swallowing down new experiences and new people. I can’t wait to share the stories with all of you in hi-def with limited commercials!

Rock N Roll-


*From stranger to life saver to amazing friend, Surfing 28 States wants to express the upmost shakas & thanks towards Smriti. Her determined attitude to make this production the highest possible quality pushed the rest of the crew to deliver, and it was not uncommon to discuss how much harder the trip would have been without Smithers. Onya Legend! Bring on post production!


One response

  1. Shish

    I want this blown up in my house

    January 18, 2011 at 1:40 AM

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